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Rocky Top Tennessee 2010 Cover

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We have a cover, y'all:


The annual's off to the printer, and should be all warm and nestled on the shelves by July 13. You can go ahead and  pre-order now, if getting out of the house is too much of an ordeal for you. Hey, I know. It's hot out there.

We'll say it again, your options for Tennessee football preseason magazines are limited to national-perspective publications that devote only a few measly pages to the only team you really care about or a magazine devoted half to Tennessee and half to whoever wanted to buy an ad. The Maple Street Press publication is 128-pages of nothing but articles and images relating to the Vols.

The 2010 edition includes:

  • Why Alabama fans are worried about Derek Dooley
  • An explanation of Justin Wilcox's multiple-40 defense
  • A "zombie football apocalypse survival guide" for fans of a rebuilding program
  • The 12 (+2) people UT fans most love to hate
  • Unit previews, opponent previews, and features on the quarterbacks, Luke Stocker, Nick Reveiz, and Janzen Jackson
  • And much more.

Pre-order now, or look for it on the bookshelves and magazine racks on July 13.