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Derek Dooley to teach the earth is round. Or flat. Either way.

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Talking Points for 6/28/10:

  • Derek Dooley, an advocate for non-BCS schools last year, is winking as he's singing the company line this year. Asked for his thoughts on SEC expansion, Dooley had this to say:
    I'm pretty confident our commissioner will assess what's going on and make the right decisions. That just goes into the BCS (vs.) non-BCS wars, too. It's an interesting dynamic. I was trying to lead the charge of the non-BCS last year, and now, I had it all wrong. It's kind of like that teacher who's interviewing for the job teaching fifth-grade history. They asked him, "Do you believe the world is round or the world is flat?" He says, "I can teach it either way; I'm good."
    And he thought that getting out of the practice of law meant he could choose his own positions.
  • Eric Berry's trademark move, this time in Chiefs gear.
  • Speaking of Berry, Peyton Manning hopes he has a better memory than two other former Vols:
    As for Berry, the MVP quarterback has more of a request than a prediction. "I hope he'll remember how nice I always was to him here and take it easy on me when he has a chance to hit me on a safety blitz," Manning said. "(John) Henderson and (Albert) Haynesworth haven't always remembered that."
  • GVX has a great feature on new quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw. Hinshaw, by the way, says that he's not going to change the mechanics of either QB under his charge despite the fact that they are quite different:

    "Matt and Tyler are complete opposites (as passers)," said Hinshaw, who doesn't plan to overhaul either one of them.

    Bray has a more prototypical delivery, Hinshaw said. But Simms has gotten results.

    "I'm not going to change Matt Simms' throws at this point, because he is older and has done it a long time," Hinshaw said. "It's abnormal, his throwing motion. He has a different grip than most quarterbacks.

    "There's almost a palming of the ball. His thumb is behind the football.

    "But he has produced. He has done a good job."

  • Wayne Chism has added an agreement to play for the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas this summer to his offer to play for the New Jersey Nets in Orlando. J.P. Prince has "plenty of offers" to play overseas, and Tyler Smith says he'll probably spend another year in Europe before making a serious run at the NBA.