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#1 Punter And Fresno State Signee On Official Visit to Tennessee?

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Talking Points for 6/30/10:

  • If only we could kick the ball on every play. (Did I just say that?) Matt Darr, a punter who originally committed to USC, bolted after Pete Carroll left, and then signed with Fresno State, is in Knoxville on an official visit. No, I don't know why a signee is taking an official visit to another school that does not employ Ed Orgeron, and neither does GVX. Also unknown: does this portend some negative news about Michael Palardy? I don't have any reason to believe that is the case, but this is just weird. Darr, by the way, is the nation's #1 punter, according to Scout. (Palardy is the #1 kicker.) Thoughts?
  • News Flash: Diplomacy is not Lane Kiffin's strong point. When Kiffin gave Todd Campbell's #11 jersey and locker to Bryce Brown, did he sit down with Campbell and explain his decision? No, he left a note. Whether that note made Campbell feel better by including a statement that he'd made Campbell a better player than he'd been when Kiffin got there, we don't know.
  • Scope? According to his Twitter feed, Chris Walker had surgery on Tuesday. "Just a scope," he says, so it doesn't sound like he'll miss any time. For you medical folks out there, is a "scope" sort of a routine maintenance thing, or is an exploratory procedure during which you're trying to find the answer to some problem? I would like the answer to be the former, please.
  • Some gifts keep on giving. Cameron Tatum says that the one-point loss to Michigan State in the Elite Eight last year continues to make the team mean and hungry. Incoming players Trae Golden and Jordan McRae, by the way, are playing well in the Pilot Rocky Top League. Each of them is averaging about 30 points per game, and McRae blocked almost 10 shots one night. No word on whether he fouled any three-point shooters in the process.