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WCWS Semifinals - Lady Vols vs. Arizona LIVE Open Thread

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The Lady Vols are one win away from playing in the WCWS Championship Series, looking for their first softball National Championship.  To get there, they'll need to beat an Arizona team that they mercy-ruled 9-0 on Thursday.  Arizona beat the Lady Vols in the championship series in 2007. 

As the Lady Vols are 2-0 in this tournament, Arizona would have to beat them twice today to advance, while the Lady Vols will only need to win once.  The first game is scheduled for 3:30 PM EDT on ESPN (and  If Arizona beats Tennessee, they'll play a second game tonight at either 7:00 or 9:30 (depending on whether or not a second game is necessary on the other side of the bracket between UCLA and Georgia).

If you're following along today, feel free to join us in the comments.

[Update from Will 6:23 PM EDT] - One good mercy rule deserves another:  Arizona beat the Lady Vols 8-0 in the first game, setting up a winner takes all clash at 7:05 PM EDT tonight.  The victor advances to the championship series to face UCLA.