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Today's the day that Rocky Top Tennessee 2010 hits the shelves. It's 128 pages of ad-free Tennessee Volunteer coverage and world-class photography on glossy paper stock. Here's what you're looking for:


And here's what's in the thing:

Ready To Rebuild: The 2010 Volunteers Position Previews
by Joel Hollingsworth
19 pages addressing every unit of the team, including full rosters, stats, and graphs. In orange!
Experience With Inexperience
by Wes Rucker
Y'all know Rucker of the TFP. This article looks at Tennessee's history with inexperienced quarterbacks such as Casey Clausen and Erik Ainge.
I'm A Blessed Man
by Josh Ward
A four-page feature on Nick Reveiz, by the host of the Sports Animal afternoon radio show that Will appears on every Friday.
Stocker Shock
by Wes Rucker
A two-page feature on Luke Stocker from Rucker.
Back From The Brink
by Will West
Two pages on Janzen Jackson from the other host of that Sports Animal radio show mentioned above. Really glad Jackson decided to scurry out of that bar the other night before things got out of hand. Dude's on the cover and everything.
The Class Of The Class
by Josh Ward
Six pages on the incoming class from Josh.
Thrill Ride
by Holly Anderson
Holly, from all over the web, recaps 2009 Tennessee as only she can. She's too nice to say anything about it, but I'm betting she despises the title and the two paragraph intro I contributed to that piece.
Ones To Remember
by Joel Hollingsworth
Four pages on the five best plays of 2009. Rumspringa did have its moments.
by Joel Hollingsworth
A recap of how we got here, from Fulmer to Kiffin to Dooley, and their contrasting . . . um . . . styles.
Opportunity Abounds: 2010 Opponent Preview
by Will Shelton
17 glorious pages previewing the 2010 opponents with team colors and At-A-Glance boxes and pictures and Will's wonderful writing. Features a picture of John Chavis in purple, Nick Saban clapping, and Houston Nutt acting crazy, among other things.
Five Of Many
by Wes Rucker
The five biggest questions facing the Vols in 2010, according to Rucker.
Fandom In A Foxhole
by Brian Cook
MGoBlog's Brian Cook returns with a "zombie football apocalypse survival guide" to help Vol fans cope with a rebuilding project.
Balancing Act
by Brandon Larrabee
Team Speed Kills' Brandon Larrabee breaks down the balance of power in the SEC. Warning: contains pictures of Alabama.
Cyclical Dominance
by Bud Elliott

Hmm. Upon reflection, a bit of a misleading title. Tomahawk Nation's Bud Elliott tackles the question of whether dynasties are necessarily cyclical. His answer may surprise you.

His Own Man
by David Wunderlich
Team Speed Kills' Year2 has four pages on Derek Dooley and how he is more than just the sum of his influences.
The Supporting Cast
by Will Shelton
Five pages from Will on the assistant coaching staff. The more I read about these guys, the more I like them.

"Chap, Keep The Guys Together"
by Joel Hollingsworth

An interview with Roger Woods, the team chaplain who played a pivotal role for the players in the transition from Kiffin to Dooley. The title is the text message Woods got from Mike Hamilton right after the news broke that Kiffin was leaving.
Sympathy For The Devil
by Todd Jones
The arrival of Derek Dooley has at least one Crimson Tide fan -- Todd from Roll Bama Roll -- concerned.
Scheming Vols
by DrB
Seven pages and nine diagrams on Justin Wilcox's "multiple 40" defense. Did you know that defenses sometimes split the field into halves, playing man-to-man on one side and zone on the other to confuse a quarterback who's told to make all of his decisions based on whether the defense is in man or zone? Read this thing (it'll take a couple of times through), and you'll instantly sound like an expert.
From Dickey To Dooley
by Tom Mattingly
GVX's Vol Historian takes us through another significant period of transition in Tennessee history: 1962-1964, when Bowden Wyatt, Jim McDonald, and Doug Dickey each coached the Volunteers.
Five For Fighting
by Will Shelton
Will makes the case for the five programs Tennessee -- the SEC's premier scheduler --needs to add to its future schedule.
Pride Of The Southland
by Matt Fisher
Four pages from lawvol98 on his first-hand experience as a member of the Pride of the Southland Marching Band.
Welcome To The Rock
by David Hooper
Hooper takes a look at UT's "pre-Internet Facebook wall" and its role in UT athletics.
The List
by Doug Gillett
The 12 people Vol fans most love to hate. The list itself was compiled by a handful of trusted Tennessee fans, but the actual hit job was outsourced to a professional: Doug of Hey Jenny Slater, EDSBS, and Dr. Saturday. Yes, it's the usual suspects, but there may be a surprise or two in there.

You should be able to find Rocky Top Tennessee 2010 in bookstores all across Tennessee and probably into neighboring states as well. Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, places like that, for sure, although you might have to look both at the magazine racks and the bookshelves in the sports section. It's a hybrid, dontchaknow. Not a magazine, not a book. It's an "annual." I'm also told that it should be on the magazine racks of grocery and drug stores so you can check there, too, while you're picking up that Mayfield's on your way home.

Let us know when you get it in your grubby little hands because we'd love to hear your feedback. If you can't find it where you think it should be, let us know, and we'll see if we can remedy that. Thanks for reading!