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Talking Points, Brought To You By Tom, Dick, And Harry

  • Doug Dickey explains to Mike Griffith part of the reason for athletic departments closing off access to practice:
    "So now you have people putting all kinds of stories on the Internet; how many times did they run the reverse, how many passes are they throwing, what's the special shift,'' Dickey said. "You don't need Tom, Dick and Harry trying to describe everything."
    I am half tempted to change my, Will's, and Hooper's screen names to "Tom," "Dick,", and "Harry." Who's got dibs on "Tom" and "Harry?"

    Dickey's got a point, to be honest, as several years ago a top secret formation was leaked on radio by a fan who had apparently seen it at practice, and, even worse, Clemson once taped Tennessee's open Peach Bowl practices. You can't blame a coach for not wanting that.
  • Did you know that Lane Kiffin tried to recruit a player kicked off UCLA's team for an arrest? Yes, in the midst of a public relations nightmare. According to Sporting News Radio, Kiffin wanted Joshua Shirley, the guy who the Bruins recently released from his letter of intent for stealing a purse or something. The school said no. Not good for PR, they said. The only thing that would have been worse is if Tennessee right now recruited somebody who Georgia kicked off the team for fighting or if Georgia right now recruited somebody Tennessee just kicked off the team for DUIRP (driving under the influence with red panties).
  • Another fact that might answer another question. Remember the note about the guy calling in to the radio station saying he was the owner of Bar Knoxville and saying "No. 97 did it"? Odd, we thought, that he'd ID a guy by number. Well, rumor has it that the VIP list requires a sign in and that some of the players sign in with both their name and jersey number. So I guess it wouldn't be too weird for the owner to think of these guys in terms of their numbers. Clarity point in favor of Bar Knoxville.
  • July, the month we all just wish didn't exist, is causing Sports Information Departments everywhere extreme consternation. Vanderbilt's re-printing 3,600 media guides following the retirement of Bobby Johnson, Georgia is re-printing about 10,000 of theirs following the departure of Athletic Director Damon Evans. Tennessee's not going to re-print any of theirs, despite Darren Myles being kicked off the team. They didn't say it, but I'd bet that they're worried it would just be wrong again next week. Things are up in the air, they are.
  • Georgia's foregoing two-a-days this year. You can teach them better, says offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, but "you might not get them as tough as you would like them," which would be just fine with us, thank you.
  • Another one from the ESPYs, just for kicks: