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SEC Media Days: Bobby Petrino Kicks Off Day Two

Crossing fingers for better internet access today. SEC Coordinator of Officials Rogers (yes, plural!) Redding is speaking about wedges right now, and at 8:30 (all times Central), Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino takes the podium in the Main Media Room.

Oh, nice. Redding is using Florida-Tennessee footage to show the Vols using a wedge, which will be illegal this year. Too bad, because it was sooooo effective last year.

Anyway, Petrino's bringing Ryan Mallett, DE Jake Bequette, and TE D.J. Williams, so we'll try to get some non-smoke-monster-sounding video of Mallett.

Our live-blogging will be below in the comment section because nothing -- not even Twitter -- is faster. After all, this is the SEC.