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Interesting Nuggets In The Tennessee Media Guide

Sitting here browsing through the UT media guide. A few interesting nuggets:

  • Did you realize that Tennessee claims both the highest paid offensive player and the highest paid defensive player in the NFL?
  • The SEC is perfect (6-0) in BCS national championship games.
  • Did you know Tennessee's "Team Excel" includes a psychiatrist and two psychologists (one sports and one clinical)?
  • Pronunciation guide: David Oku (OH-Koo) (which won't stop the emphasis on KOOOO in the stadium); Tauren Poole (TAR-in); Jarrod Shaw (Jur-ROD); Jacques Smith (JOCK-ez).
  • Bryce Brown is categorized as one of 25 "Lettermen Lost".
  • 37 players from the team are from Tennessee, 12 of them from Knoxville. Betcha can't name all of the guys from Knoxville without looking.
  • Tennessee will open 2010 against two teams (UT Martin and Oregon) that it has never played before.
  • You are a booster if you have: "been involved in a booster club; made financial contributions to the athletics program or booster organizations; provided benefits to an enrolled student athlete; assisted in the recruitment of prospective student athletes; or been involved in the promotion of UT athletics." Once a booster, always a booster.