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Lane Kiffin's Alleged Interference With Contract: Tortious And Tortuous

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  • That suit brought by the Tennessee Titans against USC and Lane Kiffin for interfering with Kennedy Pola's contract? Yeah, it's legit. It's called different things in different places but is generally known as tortious interference with contract and means that you can sue somebody if they induce someone to breach their contract with you. That concept is also very likely the reason for all of this "permission to talk with your coach" stuff you hear about all of the time. Note, though, that the Tennessean quotes the complaint as saying that "as a result of USC and Kiffin’s tortuous conduct, Tennessee (Titans) football has been damaged in an amount proven at trial." (emphasis mine). Whether it was the lawyer or the newspaper that confused "tortious" with "tortuous" doesn't matter because both fit when talking about Lane Kiffin.
  • That meeting between Bryce Brown and Derek Dooley that was supposed to happen yesterday? Didn't happen. Are you surprised? Brown's almost certainly not returning to the team, but if he did, the team would apparently welcome him back. He would almost certainly not be ready, though, either.
  • Worried about the offensive line and what it means to the run game? Don't fret too much, says Dooley:
"I love it when (high school) coaches say, 'We don't have a good offensive line.' Good runners make yards. It doesn't matter who they run behind. They just have an ability to make people miss."
Spin? Probably. But there's likely some truth to it as well.
  • As noted earlier, the Vols have replaced North Texas with Montana for next year's season opener. North Texas wanted to open its season at home in a new stadium and was willing to trade a later date with UT (for a spot we'd had a hard time filling) for that opportunity.
  • Tyler Smith has re-signed with Bornova of the Turkish Basketball League, the highest offer he received among others from France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. And we said this earlier, too, but to put it in a nice pretty package, Wayne Chism has turned down a non-guaranteed offer with the NBA's Sacramento Kings for a guaranteed offer to play in Turkey. I think we've hit a new record for instances of the word "turkey" in a single week.
  • Another great feature on new Tennessee defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox. Some of the players, including Nick Reveiz and Chris Walker are talking like they respect Wilcox every bit as much as Monte Kiffin ($?):
    "I loved Monte and I didn’t think you could top Monte, but coach Wilcox came in here and impressed me so much," Reveiz said. "It makes you get excited to play for him. He knows his stuff and I am excited to see what his schemes are going to be each week."

    Defensive end Chris Walker said that although Kiffin’s knowledge was impeccable, he believes Wilcox’s system fits the Volunteers. "It has been fun to get into his system," Walker said. "His system fits a lot of our players better than the previous system. We are excited to see how it plays out on the field."
  • All of those questions at SEC Media Days about how coaches felt about the proposed rule prohibiting scholarship offers prior to July following the prospect's junior season in high school? For this piece by Ron Higgins, apparently.
  • Frisbee. Exciting.