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Derek Dooley's Paradox Of Sports: "And when you see somebody down, you finish them off."

Derek Dooley:

But there's a big void out there that we're missing. And it starts with really understanding the  paradox of sports.

There's a great paradox because we train these guys, and we get them . . . early age. . . . I'm watching . . . my two boys just started pee wee football out there today. That was a big challenge today figuring out how to get them started. But every coach is out there teaching these men to be warriors. And you don't show weakness. And you don't back down from any fight when you get challenged.  And when you see somebody down, you finish them off.  All those things that make great competitors.  And we develop them over the years and we train them on these values.

And when we don't have that balance when they get off the football field and they go out in the street and they take those same qualities that they've been learning and growing and honing in every day, it's destructive.  It's destructive. And that's the paradox.

And that's the responsibility that we have . . .

That's a partial transcription of the video below, embedding courtesy of Inside Tennessee. I have no idea why the video transitions to a different topic here in the middle of that thought, but you can guess that "the responsibility that we have" is to teach the players the difference and how to turn that instinct on and off and use it only where it's appropriate.