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Derek Dooley Still Shaping It Down, This Time To The Tune Of $9M

  • Georgia has reported 14 secondary violations this year. Hey, isn't that like a lot or something? You know, something to be outraged over?
  • Bennie Wylie, UT's new strength coach, is, according to Dooley via Nick Reveiz, "the guy we want getting off the bus first, people thinking that he's playing." Wylie puts himself through the same workouts he demands of his players.
  • John Pennington says legalizing agents and paying players is a bad idea.
  • Another day, another Georgia commitment for Derek Dooley, this one from defensive back Justin Coleman (5'11", 175, three-stars, per Rivals). Dude liked Tennessee's tradition and "the Rocky Top song." Well, then come on down, Mr. Coleman. Thumper's got 36 versions for you.
  • More video of Dooley's rotary tour, embedding once again courtesy of Inside Tennessee: