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Derek Dooley denies Bryce Brown a release to play for Kansas State

Joe Schad with lots of new information here, with quotes from both Arthur Brown and Dooley.  Apparently Dooley and Bryce did meet face to face on Saturday (which Dooley told him not to talk about), but Brown did not ask for a release then.  He then texted his request for a release later in the week, a request Dooley has denied.  Arthur Brown says he has personally asked Dooley to release his son since April.

The bottom line remains that Bryce isn't going to play for us anymore.  The rest are odd details:  his father has asked for four months, but Bryce can't do it face to face?  And Dooley won't release him?

This story does once again confirm the notion that Dooley plays things close to the vest, having met with Brown on Saturday but denying it in the media.  And again - there may be a lot to talk about here, but none of it changes the fact that Bryce Brown is no longer a Tennessee Vol.