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Ed Orgeron not happy about losing DE Malik Jackson to Tennessee

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Talking Points for 7/6/10:

  • So how did Lane Kiffin take the news that Malik Jackson was transferring to Tennessee? Just fine, apparently. Ed Orgeron? Not so much ($?): "Coach Orgeron wasn’t too happy at all," Jackson said. Details, please!
  • On the other end of the class spectrum, Dooley called Tennessee signee and the nation's #1 kicker Michael Palardy ($?) in advance of the news breaking that Dooley was also signing the nation's #1 punter. "Coach was very upfront with me about it," Palardy said. "I really appreciated that. I’m still going to compete for all the kicking and punting positions. As long as I get a chance to compete for the jobs, that’s all I can ask for."
  • GVX's feature on new o-line coach Harry Hiestand includes this bit of savvy recruiting on the part of Dooley:

    Hiestand was promised more family interaction when he interviewed with first-year UT head coach Derek Dooley, who also is seen chasing his children in the Neyland-Thompson Athletic Complex from time to time.

    "Derek lives it," Hiestand said. "He told me that families are welcome. That's exactly the way it is. When my wife got to town, the first person there (was Dooley). As soon as she walked in the door, he walked right up to her and welcomed her and let her know she was important.

    "He knew her name. I was about to introduce them, then boom. She was hooked."

    Yeah, he said "boom."


  • I missed this earlier, but Justin Worley, the QB who committed to UT last week, was originally offered by Kiffin and his staff. He was a bit unsure about Tennessee after Kiffin left, but QB coach Darin Hinshaw and OC Jim Chaney eased his mind and closed the deal.
  • James Wilhoit has become a "kicking consultant." Them's fancy words for "coach," I'd say, but more power to him. Visit his site and re-watch the video of the 2004 UT-Florida game for the 100th time because it never gets old.
  • The TFP gauges the job security of each head coach in the SEC. Dooley gets a pass for a season-long honeymoon.
  • Melvin Goins and Brian Williams continue to iterate out of their very public stumble last January 1 and are morphing into the primary leaders of the upcoming season's basketball team.
  • Mike Griffith dumps his Pilot Rocky Top League notes into the post editor and hits publish.
  • GVX concludes its unveiling of who it considers to be the ten best prospects in the state of Tennessee. No. 1 is lineman Antonio Richardson, who won't narrow his choices to ten until much later and won't make a final decision until signing day.
  • The Tennessean says that the departure of Georgia AD Damon Evans is bad news for Mark Richt. I don't know about that. On-field performance dominates all factors, and all others seem to favor retention, so if he's canned, it would be for not winning enough. Maybe the new AD will view on-field performance differently than Evans, so maybe there's something to that, but I really doubt the change in AD impacts Mark Richt all that much.
  • The New Jersey Nets cut Wayne Chism. We didn't like them anyway, right? Now we like the Sacramento Kings, for whom Weezy will be playing/trying out next.