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Lane Kiffin releases Seantrel Henderson from his letter of intent, Tennessee fans sympathize ;-)

  • Well that's, let's see, one. Lane Kiffin has released Seantrel Henderson, the #1 recruit in this year's class, from his letter of intent without restriction, meaning he's free to go wherever he well pleases. Spencer's take: "Never say Lane Kiffin didn't do a sensible thing. 'A,' the indefinite article, indicating a singular here . . . ." So yeah, if we're going to bombard Kiffin with insults every time he does something shady and/or stupid, we really ought to give him credit when he does something honorable or smart, right?


    [shifts eyes]

    [crowd breaks into laughter]

    That's what I thought.
  • More lurid details on Orgeron's Unhappy Day. Sorry, not really. Malik Jackson, apparently asked to elaborate on his statement that Ed Orgeron "wasn't happy" when he informed him that he'd be transferring to Tennessee, got all political and stuff and simply paraphrased his earlier quote until the interviewer tired out and gave up:
    "Coach Orgeron probably had a little bit more to say," Jackson said. "He wasn't happy about it but that's OK." Jackson said he believes Orgeron was unhappy because Jackson decided to leave for the same school Orgeron just left. "He had a little bit to say about that but I'm not trying to get into it," Jackson said.
  • The answer to this question is YES IN ALL CAPS. Nearly a month ago, we wondered whether Tennessee would go after USC's juniors and seniors. We didn't know because we didn't know whether we had room. Well, Dooley knows exactly how much room he has, thank you very much, and he, in compliance with the rules, faxed to USC a list of every Trogan eligible to transfer and play immediately because of the sanctions to let USC know he was coming after them. And, of course, he got Jackson, the antagonist in Orgeron's Unhappy Day. No word on whether Dooley landed a helicopter on top of Heritage Hall, but landing Jackson was sugary sweet indeed.
  • Memo to Darren Myles. Former minor league baseball player Brent Brewer says he expects to play safety and that he is all business, no party. ($?) "I'm not into the partying and getting caught up in all that stuff. I know what I need to do and get my school-work done and stick with it and do the best I can."
  • Allan Carson has committed to Tennessee. Carson's a three-star 6'0", 316-pound defensive tackle who weed-eats for fun (meaning he doesn't yet own his own home) and who's also received offers from Illinois and Kentucky. Dude's nickname is Tug Boat, which, the more I read Wikipedia, the more I like:
A tugboat (tug) is a boat that maneuvers vessels by pushing or towing them. Tugs move vessels that either should not move themselves, such as ships in a crowded harbor or a narrow canal, or those that cannot move themselves alone, such as barges, disabled ships, or oil platforms. Tugboats are powerful for their size and strongly built; some are ocean-going. Some tugboats serve as icebreakers or salvage boats.

Pushes around large objects in crowds who don't want to be moved? Powerful for their size? "Salvage?" Yeah, I like that nickname.

  • Hands off! Assistant basketball coaches Steve Forbes and Tony Jones are numbers/letters 18(a) and (b) on Fox Sports's list of the top 25 "high-major" assistants. Think about it. These guys have made three Sweet Sixteens and one Elite Eight. Are we getting spoiled yet?
  • Chalk Talk with Justin Wilcox. When I heard Justin Wilcox on the radio awhile ago, I was entirely blown away by the guy, so I practically popped some corn when I saw the headline for this video. I'm still in awe of Wilcox, but the video wasn't nearly as good as Chaney's Chalk Talk. And what's with "Chalk Talk" anyway? Yeah, I know that if it rhymes, you use it regardless of whether it's an anachronism, but still. Chaney's a whiteboard man, and Wilcox, well he's scribbling in his personal journal with a pen and, apparently, making his entire defense step on tippy toes and look over his shoulder. And I know season ticket sales are down, but did we have to turn off the lights and make these guys work in the dark?