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Don't expect Alabama to repeat; do expect awesome traditions in the SEC

Around the SB Nation today. Okay, the SEC:

Tailgating and Tradition in the SEC:

  • Red Cup Rebellion, on tailgating in the Grove, including "the scenery of the Grove, the beauty of the Ole Miss co-eds, the gentility of the scene, the uniquity of the ritual, and the hospitality of the fans." Oh, and the food. Don't forget the food.
  • Arkansas Expats, on calling the hogs:

    I'll admit some bias here, but I'm convinced that the Hog call is by far the best cheer in all sports. It's loud. It's powerful. It's unique. It's profoundly weird. Think about it: 70,000 people, most of whom are grown adults, all yelling "wooooo pig sooie" in a high voice and waving their arms above their heads. There's no pretension, no too-cool-for-school attitude, no trying to be something we're not.

    The Hog call is a celebration of Arkansas, and who we are as Arkansans. It's completely authentic, and so perfectly us. No other team, school or state could pull it off (not that they'd want to try, necessarily).

    The post includes several awesome videos, including one of the entire stadium calling the hogs and another of a dozen children in Ghana doing the same thing. Even stranger, there's one of people doing it in Berkley.


  • And The Valley Shook, on Saturday nights in LSU's Tiger Stadium:
    In the past two seasons, we may have had a bit of a problem with fans leaving early, but we don't have a problem with fans arriving late.   

    That's because of those four notes that makes the hair on any Tiger fan's neck stand up on end.  BAAAAAH BA BA BA. 

    There's nothing like Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium, but Saturday Night doesn't begin until the band plays Pregame and salutes the Four Corners.  Even if you don't have the slightest interest in football, it would be impossible not to get caught up in the band's Pregame.  The whole stadium is on edge, waiting for that moment to explode.  The band slowly marches on to the field, raises their instruments, and then... well, then it really is Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium.  The crowd goes wild, and the game hasn't even started yet.
    Yes, there's video.