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Darren Myles dismissed, Greg King and Marlon Walls suspended indefinitely

A statement from Derek Dooley appearing at UT's official site tonight has announced the dismissal of sophomore safety Darren Myles from the program, and the indefinite suspensions of sophomore linebacker Greg King and sophomore defensive tackle Marlon Walls.  King and Walls had been previously unnamed in reports of the altercation that took place at Bar Knoxville early this morning.

[Update from Will - 8:43 PM EDT - Dooley spoke for about ten minutes tonight, with video from WBIR]

Dooley's complete statement:

It is a privilege, not a right, to be a member of the University of Tennessee football team. The most important responsibility of that privilege is to properly represent this institution and our supporters on and off the field.

I am disappointed and in many ways embarrassed by the poor judgment displayed on many fronts by several members of our football team last night.

Although we are still gathering all the facts and some legal proceedings will follow, we have taken some initial levels of discipline resulting from my conversations with the student-athletes who were present.

Darren Myles has been permanently dismissed from our football program. Marlon Walls and Greg King have been indefinitely suspended.

I am respectful of the process that follows with the local authorities and with our institutional guidelines and leadership.

As I have referenced on many occasions, a change in culture is achieved in time through a combination of education, discipline and support. We will aggressively continue to build on the many positive changes that have occurred over the last five months to ensure our program is represented with class and dignity.

Dooley mentions that these are "initial" levels of discipline, so there could be more as more details emerge.  The other names mentioned most heavily this morning - Da'Rick Rogers, who was arrested for disorderly conduct, plus Denarius Moore and Montori Hughes, who were both questioned - are not specifically mentioned by Dooley here.  Take that for whatever it's worth.