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WBIR Videos of the UT Bar Fight Incident, Including Will Overstreet and Derek Dooley's Statement

A hearty note of thanks to WBIR for making these videos available for sharing.  The first is Dooley's statement.  The original plan was to not take questions, but he did allow a couple of general queries from the press corps.  That was probably a nice touch, given that the Knoxville media has been a little disappointed with the Sabanesque access limitations.

Derek Dooley Press Statement

The next video is a short interview with the owner of Bar Knoxville and with Will Overstreet (again from WBIR ).  A little more detail is available on what started the incident and on the VIP status.

Sandy Morton (Bar Knoxville Owner), Will Overstreet, and Daniel Lincoln Interview

Yet another video, though you probably know most of this already.

Follow-Up Video


And if you haven't seen it, here's the original news release video again.

First News Video