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2010 RTT College Pick 'Em

With the first games kicking off three weeks from tonight, we've opened up our College Pick 'Em contest through Fun Office Pools.  If you played last year, you should've received an email allowing you instant access to the group this season.  It's free to play, all you need to do is register with Fun Office Pools and then join the RockyTopTalk pool.

Once again this year we'll be picking games straight up, and once again we'll be using confidence points, where you assign a point value to each game based on your confidence in picking the winner.  One thing we're trying new for this year is picking the same number of games every week (20), so that every game has a chance to count the same.  We'll also use a tiebreaker (the score of the UT game that week) to determine our weekly winners.

You've got until kickoff on Thursday, September 2 to join, so sign up and spread the word.  Last year marmot_man_111 took home the prize by only four points, as the torch was passed from Hooper, who won in 2008.  We had 90 people participate last year and look to break the century mark this year...sign up, play along, and good luck.