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Announcing Gameday Depot


Kickoff is a mere 19 days away. Time is an ironic old cuss, though, and although the next 19 moons will come and go slowly, Gameday will somehow be here before you know it.

So are you ready? Yeah, we know you have your tickets and travel plans, but are you ready?

As any good fan knows, you need more than just your pass into the game to milk the most out of a good and proper Gameday. You need Tennessee Volunteer car flags to get to the game in Big Orange style. You need UT Vols car magnets (facepaint for your vehicle!) and Power T license plates that, incidentally, leave a nice Power T imprint on whatever rival fan you accidentally run into. (Legal reflex: Not recommended. In other words, don't do this.)

And just so your house doesn't get jealous of all the attention you're giving your car, treat it to a nice house flag or banner

Football is coming and you need to be ready. Gameday Depot is here to help, so check us out.