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UT Players Thinking About Girls, Singing Them Songs


  • I'm running late this morning, so pardon whatever typos and illogical statements might find their way into this morning's Talking Points. I have a good reason, by the way. I enjoyed this too much:

  • From It's Time to Give Him Time. Derek Dooley knows better than to believe in honeymoons for SEC coaches:

"Look, here's the reality," Dooley said. "Every coach has time until the first kickoff, not even the first game, but the first kickoff. Right when the ball goes 'boom' against UT-Martin, your time's over. "You've got no more time. You've got to win."

. . . .

"What's the whole 'Give him time' thing really mean?" Dooley said. "It doesn't mean I'm sitting here thinking, 'I've got time.' In my mind, I've got one year. I approach it that way every year. We've got to figure out how we're going to win as many games as we can win this year, and that's all I care about."
  • Reason #208 to give him some time anyway. Wes Rucker uncovers yet another new way of describing the problem: Tennessee's most experienced player is a fullback.
  • But we could win them all! John Adams has some fun with Mike Hamilton's decision to drop North Carolina for Bulls, suggesting the Vols also drop Cincinnati for Miami of Ohio and MTSU for another quick fling with Western Kentucky.
  • You don't say. With classes starting up, the players are thinking about girls. If they continue to come to practice with Dreamy Eyes, Dooley's threatened to get feisty on them ($?).
  • It's in syndication now. Hey, it's the return of the Linebackers Have Depth Because Linebackers Had Injuries story.
  • On why you wear pants and sleeves in the summer. VolQuest has a nice feature on strength coach Bennie Wylie.
  • All kinds of awesome:


    Those are authentic UT checkerboard pants, shorts, and an even awesomer sports jacket from John Daly's Loudmouth golf apparel company. They're sold to golfers, so they're fairly expensive ($110 list for the pants), but I can get them if anyone's interested. Let me know below.
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