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College Football BlogPoll Preseason Ballot

Here is our ballot in full preseason glory.  I took the comments on board from the draft and made a few tweaks.

VaTech was moved up and USC bumped down a bit.  Oklahoma went downward.  Georgia Tech moved up and Miami went down.  Cincinnati and Stanford were added at the expense of Wisconsin and South Carolina.  There were a couple minor tweaks after all that, but those were the primary ones.

I'm still debating leaving USC off future ballots for one reason: BCS at-large bids for the non-BCS conferences are partially dependent on the final BCS standings.  If USC happened to be high enough, their inclusion could actually knock a non-BCS team out of an auto-qualify slot.  If USC's probation excludes them from bowl games, then it shouldn't hurt another program's chances at a bowl as well.  But for now, I don't mind leaving them in.