Who Wants A Second Helping Of Elephant?

So, my own SBN home is in a bit of an uproar over a piece Spencer wrote on the future of the Ohio State-Michigan series, and an interesting phenomenon keeps cropping up: We're getting a lot of reader mail and comments from Increasingly Inaccurately Named Big Ten types who think the possibility of the Buckeyes and Wolverines meeting twice in a season (as in, once for their regular matchup and once in the conference championship) would devalue the rivalry. And some of them are really upset about it. And I didn't realize until today why I thought that was so odd.

Is there anybody here who wouldn't love a second crack at Alabama in any given season? We play them on the regular, but meeting them in the Georgia Dome in December would be something special, right? Am I missing something? It's never worked out that way so far, but I'd be more excited about seeing my "favorite" rivals again than any other team in the SEC. What about y'all?

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