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2010 RTT College Pick 'Em Reminder

Our pool for this year's College Pick 'Em through Fun Office Pools is currently 61 deep - you've still got a week to sign up and play, before kickoff of the first games a week from tonight.  It's free to play, all you have to do is register at Fun Office Pools and then join the RockyTopTalk group.

If you've already signed up, the Week 1 picks are live and you can make your selections if you haven't already.  We'll be using confidence points and picking 20 games each week to keep the balance - if you're unfamiliar with this system, you pick the winner and then assign a point value to each game (20 being the highest, 1 the lowest) for how confident you are in that selection.  There's also a weekly tiebreaker - the score of the Tennessee game that week - that will help determine the winner each week.

Point spreads are shown on the website for information only - we're picking games straight up, NOT against the spread.  Also, be careful with neutral site games - for instance, Illinois is shown as the home team in Week 1, but Missouri is actually the favorite.

Any other questions, email me at the bottom of the page or post a comment here, and we'll get them answered.