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Weather Forecast for the Tennessee Volunteers / Tennessee-Martin Game

Ok, it's for real now.  The weather types are now predicting gametime conditions.


To be honest, I don't care that 10-day forecasts are completely worthless.  It's still a close enough date for the meteorologists to try, and that means that football is all but here.  Other important notes:

  • The streak of upper '90s appears to be over, and is hopefully gone for the year.  (Anybody remember the UAB game two years ago?)
  • Humidity is on the way down.  Sweat is beginning to evaporate again.
  • The first hints of fall weather are now in the air.  It's mild, but the difference is noticeable.
  • The stadium is getting so, so close to finished.  Hopefully we'll get some more photos up this weekend.  You're going to love it.