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Women's Basketball: Lady Vols Recruiting at Full Speed

Don't blink; the Tennessee Lady Vols are recruiting very well this offseason.

There are three scholarships coming up for the 2011 recruiting class: the two currently held by seniors Angie Bjorklund and Sydney Smallbone, and the one formerly held by Amber Gray.  Of those three scholarships, two are already spoken for:  Cierra Burdick is the top-ranked power forward of the class and committed early, and her new friend Ariel Massengale is the top-ranked point guard and committed earlier today.  Both girls are getting tremendous reviews and are seen as incredibly savvy for their positions and for their age.

That leaves one scholarship, and two recruits to choose.  One is Elizabeth Williams, the top-ranked center (and overall #1 prospect) according to HoopGurlz.  If she becomes a Lady Vol, she would be the heir apparent to Kelley Cain, and everything about her game suggests that she would be successful.  Recent reports suggest that her transition game has been improving - a must for Pat Summitt's 'Post Highway'.

The other option is Kiah Stokes, the #3 center in the class.  Like Elizabeth, Kiah is 6'-3" and is probably every bit as talented.  The only real notable difference is that Elizabeth has taken to physical play a little better so far, and that Kiah tends to use too much finesse when things get bumpy.  But even at that, Kiah is a great option to have as Cain's successor in the interior.

It's a beautiful position for the Lady Vols: two big needs already met and two great prospect to fill the final roster slot.  The post-Parker years have been primarily about rebuilding from a very senior-heavy class, and we seem to be heading into the prime of another terrific run of teams for the Lady Vols.