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Thanks to Arithmetic, Elliott Porter Might Leave LSU to Become a Vol

Elliott Porter, a 6'-4" offensive guard from Waggaman, Louisiana, is in an unenviable position.  You see, LSU signed 27 players in the 2010 recruiting class.  And as it turns out, all 27 qualified, leaving the LSU Tigers 2 above the limit for the year.  So two of those players aren't going to be getting scholarships after all.  Kudos to the LSU recruits for keeping their grades in fine order.

According to TigerBait ($), Porter isn't going to join LSU if there isn't a scholarship waiting for him.  Since Tennessee happens to be a little bit thin on the offensive line depth chart as well as having a few extra scholarships on hand, he may come up to Knoxville instead.  I'm not sure of the exact scholarship count for Tennessee in 2010 since there are a couple academic questions marks on our own end, but there is space for at least one more to wear the Orange and White.  (We know that Dave Clark is not academically eligible and will not be on the team.)

We'll see if this happens.  For now, consider this educated speculation.

For what it's worth, Porter is a 3-star on Rivals and would probably need to add some weight before becoming a big-time role player on the team.  He'll likely end up redshirting a year, both because he's behind the curve on the playbook and because of the aforementioned conditioning he'll likely go through.  But even at that, he's strong and he's an extra body at a position where we need more, and he's a good solid player.

And I've made it this far without making any jokes about Les Miles and numbers.  (Seriously, he rolled the dice and came up overloaded.  Can't blame him for trying, and he's still better off than the numbers Nutt has pulled in Ole Miss before.)