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Hail Mary Haiku: Tennessee Vs. UT-Martin Edition

Hey, look. It's Game Week, and that means the return of the Rocky Top Talk Hail Mary Haiku, with just a minor tweak for 2010.

Here's the concept for those new to RTT this season: You're behind by four at midfield. Only one second remains on the clock, and you have to heave the ball into a mass of players in the end zone and hope that by some miracle one of your guys comes down with it. Bonus points for actually observing the traditional 5-7-5 format for haikus, but free form haikus are allowed. This is, after all, a desperation play. Like most desperation plays, it will most often be quite ugly, but that's okay. Heave away.

Enter yours by clicking on the "Comments" link below, and pass the invitation to enter along to others. Heed the community guidelines, please.

NEW FOR 2010: When we first started doing this way back in 2006, we would re-post all of the entries and vote on them later in the week. The last couple of years, though, we started getting too many entries for that to be feasible, so we sifted and sorted and just posted some of what we thought were the better ones for voting. This year, we're asking y'all to do the sortin' and siftin' through the use of the "Recommend" feature. When you see a haiku you like, click on the "actions" link. Doing so will reveal a "Rec" option. Click on that to recommend the haiku. Keep coming back to see the new entries, and get yours in early, as the early ones will get more reads. The five haikus with the most recs will be re-posted on Thursday morning for voting. Voting remains open through early morning on Gameday, and the winner will be included in the Game Thread for posterity.

Okay? Okay.

Hike! Oooh!