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Derek Dooley Reinstates Greg King and Marlon Walls

Lots of news from yesterday's UT Media Day. You may have seen much of this in yesterday's live-blog of Derek Dooley's press conference, but just in case you missed it:

  • Greg King and Marlon Walls have been reinstated. Stay tuned later this morning, as Will has a fantastic commentary on the "resolution" of the Bar Knoxville thing going up at 8:00.
  • Two-a-days practices are highly regulated. There are rules about when you can have them and when you can't and how close together you have them, so Dooley has brushed off his JD and exploited a loophole: He's dividing up the team into upper and lower classmen, and the coaches are working double shifts. Dooley's said he's going to "try to grind the coaches into oblivion." Nice.
  • The starting offensive line, as of right now, from left tackle to right tackle: Dallas Thomas, JerQuari Schofield, Cody Pope, Jarrod Shaw, and Ja'Wuan James.
  • The relatively deep wide receiving corps is being poached to shore up the shallow secondary. Marsalis Teague and Ted Meline started fall camp at defensive back.
  • Dooley, in response to being asked whether he had any butterflies yesterday: "No. Are you kidding? This is the easy part, going to practice. I'm sure I'll have some in a month. If I've got butterflies going to practice, we got real problems."
  • Tennessee also landed another commitment yesterday, this one from 6'2", 245-pound Hawaiian defensive end Juda Parker. Aloha, Mr. Paker.
  • Catching up with Emmanuel Negedu.
  • Embeddable video, via Inside Tennessee:
  • And nasty, unshared official video from UTSports: