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Dooley Loves The Heat, Fulmer And Majors Chill

  • Derek Dooley, at yesterday's practice, digging the barrels of sweat:
    It's hot. So what. I didn't think it was hot. The guys from Louisiana didn't think it was hot and I lived in Louisiana for eight years. I thought it felt great out here. It's hot in Athens and it's hot in Tuscaloosa and it's hot in Gainesville. So what. What are you going do about it?
    Me, I was addressing the issue by sitting in my air conditioned office merrily putting new coversheets on my TPS reports. More specifically, I was patiently waiting for someone to bring me a new box of staples from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. I can afford to be patient because it's a long ways down that hall, man, and I'm not going to have 100k people at $40 a pop orchestrating a crowd-sourced insult of my mother if at the end of the day I have to use a paper clip. Dooley, though, is not afforded such luxuries:
    "I don't really have any patience," Dooley said Wednesday afternoon. "I told them, 'I can be patient and nice and set you up for big disappointment. Or we can do it right and demand that you do it right every time, and when you don't do it right, we are going to confront you.' "That's our responsibility to them. I won't have any patience."
  • It may have been hot at practice, but a cold front was moving through Hell. Oh, my goodness gracious me. Phillip Fulmer and Johnny Majors mentioned each others' names in positive ways at Harry Galbreath's funeral. And they sat next to each other with only a water bottle between them for protection.
  • Hey, look. Another body for the QB position. Doak Raulston, who with his name really should have been a running back, crashed camp yesterday as a walk-on QB. He redshirted under Dooley at La. Tech last year. Former Auburn tight end Brent Slusher also joined the team as a walk on.
  • Clay Travis has part II of his in-depth interview with SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, this one on the SEC TV deal.
  • The o-line is feeling good. Marsalis Teague is adjusting to his new spot at DB well. Da'Rick Rogers is apparently as advertised (?). And running back Toney Williams is ready for take two.
  • Videos:

  • Other great stuff around the web:

    • Smart Football has a post that includes video of Nick Saban breaking down film and video of a fantastic behind the back catch by Arizona State's Kerry Taylor.
    • Adam Nettina, 5'5" and what looks to be about 88 pounds if he wears socks, challenges the players at WAC Media Day to arm and thumb wrestling matches.