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Gerald Jones is talkin' bout special teams, Dooley is afraid of UT Martin and other Talking Points

  • It's game week and honestly the biggest news story is Justin Hunter being cleared to play. But there are still some other talking points.
  • Gerald Jones talks about coming into the season healthy for the first time in his career. He attributes it to eating right and training hard. He also praises the new staff's approach to special teams. "We totally mean it this year guys!"

“I think this is the best special teams unit we’ve had, coaching-wise,” he said. “That’s the first thing they do every day — special teams, special teams, special teams. It’s proven. If you watch film on (Louisiana) Tech or Texas Tech, they have so many punt returns for touchdowns and so many kick returns for touchdowns.

  • Its not too often a long snapper gets his own feature. But here's a nice article on Nick Guess. Hopefully, this will be the last time we hear his name all year.
  • Derek Dooley describes how he learned the importance of taking each opponent seriously from his dad. Which we all know means he will have zero success because Mike Shula! Mike Shula! and you know Lan... wait... too close to home.