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UT Vols Players In National Rankings

Below is a list of Tennessee players ranking in the top 50 of the national rankings:

Player Ranking Stat
Tauren Poole 8th Rushing
Daniel Lincoln 10th Field goals
Prentiss Waggner 21st Fumbles recovered
Prentiss Waggner 23rd Passes defended
Prentiss Waggner 26th Interceptions
Art Evans 29th Forced fumbles
Tauren Poole 37th All purpose running
Chad Cunningham 42nd Punting
Daniel Lincoln T-50th Scoring


A couple of interesting notes: Matt Simms is only 68th in passing, but, surprise, he's tied with both Terrelle Pryor and Greg McElroy. He's only 78th in passing yards per game, but he's ahead of Florida's John Brantley. And finally, Simms is 92nd in total offense, ahead of pre-season Heisman candidate Christian Ponder, who is 98th.