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SEC Power Poll Week 2: JIT

JIT = Just in Time.  It's a process engineering term used heavily by Dell and Toyota in their runs to excellence.  It's also a clever cover for procrastination or when life interferes with your schedule.  Such is the Power Poll today.

Normally I'll have this up as a draft and let the collective here have a crack at editing my vote.  But since it's due at 9 tonight, there's not really enough time for that.  So here's what I voted, and you can feel free to shred my logic.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide
  2. South Carolina Gamecocks
  3. Auburn Tigers
  4. Florida Gators
  5. Georgia Bulldogs
  6. Arkansas Razorbacks
  7. LSU Tigers
  8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
  9. Kentucky Wildcats
  10. Tennessee Volunteers
  11. Vanderbilt Commodores
  12. Mississippi Rebels

South Carolina impressed me in that win against Georgia.  It wasn't pretty in the Spurrier-of-old sense, but it's enough to run the SEC table with the possible exception of Alabama.

Auburn got the #3 slot because I think their performances to date would have beaten Florida's to date.

Georgia, even in a loss, seems to have fewer question marks than Arkansas.  But honestly, the middle here is grouped very tightly in my mind.

Kentucky has played solid so far.  While several teams are down this year, the Cats are above their norm.

Tennessee in defeat still seems like a better team than Vandy, and Mississippi is still suffering.  Hey, if you shame the SEC by losing to a 1-AA team that you already have put away, there's no room to complain here.