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College Football BlogPoll: Week 2

Here's our official ballot in all its glory.  There were a few tweaks from the draft, based on feedback in the comments.

Oklahoma  I know that several don't agree with having them so high, but I feel comfortable giving them benefit of the doubt on their first game because of the total de-pantsing they gave FSU (who is not as bad of a team as that game would suggest).  Still, they're one of the more unstable teams on the list and could move downward very easily, even if they win.

Michigan moved upward, thanks to comments.  You were right; I was undervaluing them.

Houston had people saying I had them underranked as well as overranked, so I left 'em alone (apart from Michigan's move upward).

Georgia was brought in and Nevada moved out.  I still think Nevada will prove to be one of the best midmajors out there this weekend, but there's time.

Next week, I hope to roll out our computer thingy.  It's the same as last year, complete with difficulties and requisite overrides, but at least every team will have played two games by then, so the results should be a little more meaningful.  (Though Boise fans are going to hate it.  Hate, hate, hate it.)