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Dissent! Division! Discord! Other alliterative synonyms!

RTT Talking Points, New Math Edition

The State of The Vol Nation: Divided! The Great Pumpkin thrusts the Vol Nation- nay- the World! into paroxyms of self-doubt. Will we ever recover? Friend vs. Friend! Neighbor vs. neighbor! Disgruntled ex-coach crying sour grapes vs. everyone else! Dark times, indeed. Behold:

The Gators? Similarly torn asunder:

Conflict! Strife! Drama! Repetitive mainstream sports journalism! All... After the jump!

Amongst our stalwart beacons of the fourth estate? Discord! Dissension! (Running out of synonyms!)

  • ESPN analyst and vol homer Chris "the-kinda-vol-homer-vol-homers-need-like-a-frickin-hole-in-the-head" Low is torn over whether the vols will ever succeed, again, ever
  • Meanwhiles, can't decide whether there's "been too much upheaval even for a great program like Tennessee to endure" or there's just "no infrastructure in this program that some of the winning programs have."
So things are dire. DIIIRRREE! Florida should have no worries. Because luckily for them, arrogant teams accustomed to winning never, ever, never get their comeuppance.

Also- this.