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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee vs. UT-Martin Hail Mary Haiku

Cast your vote for your favorite Hail Mary Haiku below. Those that received multiple recs in the original thread are re-published below the jump.

New era take two
Bring it across, shape it down
Lets kick it off, Boom!

by Getoffmyvols

Numb summer gives way
"Football Time in Tennessee"
Brings back the goosebumps

by Joel

Boomsday is Sunday,
but the real fireworks start
On Saturday night!

by ChattVol

"It’s time"? Burn that shirt.
Cats — er, SkyHawks: ALL YOUR MIGHT
are belong to us.

by birdjam

tennessee martin?
i’ve got an uncle martin-
no relation, though

by thetennesseethumper