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College Football Opening Day: Live Discussion Thread

As you know, our trek through the desert officially ends at 6:30 PM EDT when the Wake Forest Demon Deacons take on the mighty Presbyterian Blue Hose.  (Could an upset be in the making?)  SEC football begins an hour later as the South Carolina Gamecocks host the Southern Miss. Golden Eagles.  The best game of the night will probably be Pittsburgh at Utah at 8:30 PM EDT, which is on Versus for those who get that channel.

Us?  We'll be drawing up to the football oasis as fast as possible after this long trek through the wasteland.  It's not Tennessee football, but it's football.  With roughly seven straight hours of pointy-ball fun tonight, it's like denying water to someone for three days, then letting them stick their heads straight under the tap.  Drink up until you're sated, then sip a little more for good measure.  With two relatively uninteresting games on Friday, tonight is the night to immerse.

(Family-friendliest visual version.)