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Vols' Simms Turns to Zeppelin; Other Pre-UAB Notes

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Matt Simms channels "Kashmir."  Yes, Matt, you are a traveler of both space and time.
Matt Simms channels "Kashmir." Yes, Matt, you are a traveler of both space and time.

Quick morning round-up for ya:

  • Don't worry, everybody: Matt Simms is gonna be fine. He is avoiding your nasty observations that he might not be a very good QB and Nick Reveiz's harassing him for being an annoying Yankee. His secret for zoning out you and el hijo de Faud? Getting his Led out. This has never not solved anything. In fact, the last pairing of East TN and Zeppelin produced this gem.
  • David Oku will get another shot at KR against UAB, but Janzen Jackson and Eric Gordon are waiting in the wings should Oku continue to underwhelm.  As Beth Rucker notes, attention should maybe also be focused on the punt return squad, currently averaging -1.5 yards with a season-long of 2 yards.
  • Cody Pope is likely out again tomorrow.
  • Look for Austin Johnson to continue to get on the field and spell Reveiz.
  • In the latest from the story we really don't want to deal with (is being 13-15 since 2008 not enough?), Mike Griffith says Vols penalties will be similar to those just announced for UTC.  Reasons to be skeptical:
    • We do not recall UTC's hoops coach flat-out lying to the NCAA, then, once incriminating pictures of high schoolers in his home surfaced, following up with a tear-filled mea culpa and announcing self-imposed sanctions that conveniently allow for the continued pursuit of a particular 5-star Memphian
    • We do not recall UTC having recently retained as football coach a jackass extraordinaire who rather openly considered the NCAA rulebook best employed as a single-ply post-defecatory cleansing aid.