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Gerald Jones Is Unhappy, Tiger Stadium Is A Monster

  • Gerald Jones came into the year excited about feeling 100% healthy for the first time in his college career. When he got his post game X-Ray and found out he had broken his hand against UT Martin, he was understandably upset. Also, count Gerald in with the group of people not happy with how the team has played, and he is speaking out about it in practice.

"I’m pushing this team right now so hard, they probably don’t like me," Jones said. "But I don’t like it. I don’t like the way we’re playing. Not one bit. I’m on everybody’s tail.

  • Walk-through?  We don’t need no stinkin’ walk-through! Derek Dooley is no stranger to Tiger stadium. He’s coached in both locker rooms and been on both extremes of the betting line. This Saturday, he’s opting not to take his team on the usually scripted walk-through before the game. Basically it’s the dip your toe in the water vs. jump right in approach. As you may remember, we’re playing 3 freshman, 2 sophomores and maybe a few middle school kids on the offensive line. It’s already a season of baptism by fire, so I guess there is no need to sugarcoat the road experience with a walk-through.
  • Did you hear? John Chavis, Chief himself, live and in person this Saturday in Baton Rouge. Chief seems to have endeared his LSU players the same way he did when he was in Knoxville.
  • As a part of Dooley's ‘Vol for Life’ program, and in an effort to "bridge the gap" between the team and the Police force, players are being required to participate in ride-alongs with local law enforcement. In the past, Tennessee and other programs have used this as a punishment after a player gets in trouble. Dooley sees that everyone can benefit from the experience regardless of them being arrested or not. He is probably right.

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