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College Football Saturday: Early Game (and ESPN Gameday) Discussion

The Tennessee Volunteers may not play until 6 PM EDT, but there are plenty of other games to enjoy in the meantime.  If Thursday was the official breaking of the fast, then today is the day to gorge.

If you're so inclined, this post is available for live discussion of ESPN's Saturday morning show and the early games.  We'll have a dedicated Tennessee thread up later on, but feel free to enjoy college football along with like-minded fans until then.  (For those who haven't registered for an account:  registered and logged-in users get to see the comments update in real-time.  It's as close to face-to-face conversation as you can get in web chat form.)

A few games to keep tabs on:

  • Illinois @ Missouri - 12:30 PM EDT  Missouri's advances were spurned by the Big 10 this offseason; they get to play the Zooker in one of the few interesting games in the early going.
  • Colorado @ Colorado St. (in Denver) - 2:00 PM EDT  It's noon to those in the Mountain Time Zone; this game is one of the very few rivalry games in opening weekend, and it has a surprising amount of emotion to it, especially now that MWC vs. future PAC-12 pride is at stake.
  • Purdue @ Notre Dame - 3:30 PM EDT  Last I heard (and I haven't kept up), Purdue was not expected to do well this year.  But this will be Kelly's first game at Notre Dame and a Purdue win could make for a very interesting year.  The South Bend fans might actually show emotion.
  • Kentucky @ Louisville - 3:30 PM EDT  Another fun rivalry game, but with added SEC interest.
  • Connecticut @ Michigan - 3:30 PM EDT  If you're a schadenfreude type, pull for UConn.  If they win, head over to MGoBlog for some postgame fun.