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Tennessee Vs. UT Martin Animated Drive Chart



If you saw this, then you know, but that first drive for Tennessee should have been a touchdown, but the team stalled. The "fumble" on the second drive was Gerald Jones muffing the punt and giving it right back to UTM. After one more TD, the offense went cold as Cold Stone, but they found themselves after a few futile drives. Bray's entrance into the game coincides with the team's first (and only) interception followed by more futility (the only TD after Bray entered came on Prentiss Waggner's pick six). You can see that the offense under Bray did eventually find its way late in the game, and they probably could have scored but instead opted for the victory formation at the 18 yard line.

Notice how most of the game was played on the favorable side of the field. Credit special teams and Justin Wilcox's defense for that.