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Overconfidence Not a Problem for Vols; Ducks' Speed Might Be

"If I’ve got to worry about [overconfidence] this week, we’ve got bigger issues than you guys could ever imagine."


"When they go on a 10-play drive it takes 'em about two minutes,'' said Dooley. "It's the fastest offense you'll see.''

"If we go on a 10-play drive, it may take us a quarter to get it done, which is fine with me.''

But hold on Coach Dooley, aren't we in the ESS EEE SEE?

"Well, Zach (Rogers) will start (for Jones), and he'll do good," coach Derek Dooley said. "But the freshmen, yeah, we're going to have to bring them along a little quicker than we anticipated. But that's why we signed them, because we don't have a lot of depth and that's kind of where we are at that position. It's really sort of a microcosm of a lot of other positions - we have some seniors and we have some freshmen, so that's where we are.

Okay, so I know the coaches have said great things about allegedly prodigious freshman receiver Justin Hunter and all, but I just really really do not like the sound of an injured Denarius Moore.  Isn't he kinda like our best player and stuff?

  • Vols' Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox still gives Oregon's Head Coach Chip Kelly nightmares. Okay, so maybe I took some liberties in naming that link, but Kelly does plan checking out film of the Wilcox defense and of Louisiana Tech from last year.

After the jump, some words about Boise State (I know what y'all are talking about around your water cooler), which may or may not include a heavy dose of editorializing from your humble non-editor.

So after Boise's 33-30 win last night over the Virginia Tech Hokies, at least one college football writer who I actually think is pretty awesome takes a a pro-boise stance on the "issue" of their likely eventual title game inclusion.  Allow me to play devil's advocate (or perhaps contrarian; however you wanna spin it). 

I like Boise.  I like everything about them.  I like their coach.  I like the way they play.  I like the way they cover spreads like it's nobody's business.  I like the blue unis and the blue turf.  But here is what I don't like.  I don't like half of the BCS championship game being filled after the first week of the season.  And that is essentially what just happened last night.  Boise is very likely going to run the table, and it is very unlikely that two teams from so-called power conferences are going to do the same.  So that leaves us with Boise vs. Somebody in the championship game.  Doesn't that make the season about half as interesting?  Doesn't it maybe kinda suck that Boise just barely beat a good but not great Virginia Tech team and now holds in their right hand a golden ticket for a January 10th showdown with Ohio State or Alabama (or whoever it might end up being)?

I mean, I like that Boise is going to get a chance to prove themselves on the biggest of stages, because I like Boise State.  But doesn't it suck that it's essentially pre-decided?  Or do y'all think I suck instead?  And I'm good either way on the final question.