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Cody Pope is going to be OK & Other Talking Points

  • Yesterday, the big story from practice was starting Center, Cody Pope being taken to the hospital. With our razor thin o-line depth, this was a huge concern on the field, but more importantly Cody Pope is by all known accounts a good guy and we hate to see these things happen. This from his twitter can allow us to rest easy, for now.

"Thanks for the prayers, I'm going to be just fine." 

Did you hear? He’s a pescetarian.

Well they say if you have two quarterbacks, you really have none. In that case, if we have four punt returners, how many do we really have? Punt returner controversy!!!! Oh the horror!!!!

"Since I had my (scholarship) offer from Tennessee," Rivera said, "I looked the schedule up, I (saw) Oregon, I said, 'I have to come here.'

Chalk one up in the pro column for aggressive scheduling.

"I asked Dooley today if we could have some jerseys like that, and he laughed at me. But, whatever, you can only ask."

I want to like you, Malik. But how about you play in more than one game against an FCS team before you start asking for new uniforms? K?

  • Brief Basketvol Note: Memphis forward & 15th ranked overall prospect is visiting Tennessee this weekend. Be loud, be proud!