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Vote For The Winner Of The Tennessee-Oregon Hail Mary Haiku

Before we get to the voting, let me say that this week's version of the Hail Mary Haiku has to be the best we've ever had. Thanks in bunches to the multitudes of Ducks fans who participated with good-natured trash talking and the Vol fans who gave it right back in the same spirit.

The thread is 113 comments of golden goodness, but I think my favorite part is when thetennesseethumper pulled out this beauty:

ducks swim on river
pass ’neath the Henley St. Bridge
out comes bunch o trolls

Perhaps, but they were exceedingly well-intentioned and good-humored trolls, even if they threatened to hijack the haiku and turn it into a limerick contest, at which point bobothevol responded:

There once was a fan in Eugene
Who was new to the poetry Scene
Imagine the Scandal
When he heard from this Vandal
That Limricks are more suited for Teens.

Don't mess with bobo, Ducks fans. He's from the future.

So we had great fun all around. Unfortunately for you Oregon fans, you're not eligible to win. So there.

The Vol entries with multiple rec's are re-published below the jump. Voting stays open until Saturday morning at 6:00.

At Neyland Landing,
Chip tries to ford the river
But his oxen drown

by Getoffmyvols

hope it’s like Duck Hunt
shootin’ ’em with the quickness
let Smokey go fetch

by thetennesseethumper

It walks like a duck,
Quacks like a duck, but looks like
Green Lantern threw up.

by birdjam

Duck is a delight
When seasoned, roasted just right
Hungry for a win

by UTK2004

Dooley started good
Those daffy ducks are coming
They’re dethhhhhhhhhhhpicable.

by danmarcel

Peking, cantonese?
In Knoxville we prefer it
Prepared à l’orange

by Caban