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Jordan Mcrae earns himself some time off

  • Freshman guard Jordan McRae has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules.  According to highly trusted team source Andrew Anonymous, "Jordan was sharing some thoughts with a fellow teammate, but he was doing so in a manner that was arguably more confrontational and of a higher decibel level than is normally customary during team functions." On the bright side, we were -- in my estimation -- probably going a little bit too deep into the rotation anyway.  And even if you disagree with that, who doesn't want to see swiperboy pick up some extra minutes?  
  • Jim Calhoun indicated that his club's win over Tennessee was far and away their best team effort.  Two ways to interpret that: (1) his team played really well, or (2) his team won even though the guy that normally scores 30 points only scored 15.  Sorry to be a Debbie Downer yall, but I'm going with the latter.
  • If the Vols lose to LSU I will walk directly to the utensil drawer and look for a fork so that I can then jab myself directly in the eye with it.  I haven't decided what I'll do if we lose to Auburn.  Maybe I'll seek out a Knoxville sportswriter who apparently never learned that paragraphs are allowed to be longer than a single sentence...and I'll force myself to read everything he has written over the last year.  Too torturous?  Cruel and unusual?
  • Though I used to keep up with recruiting, I have started, over the last year or two, to actively dislike it.  Or, rather, to actively dislike following it.  I find it easier to just wait to NSD and then see how we did.  That being said...we picked up another safety out of Georgia.  Geraldo Orta.  Rivals has him as a 3-star.  ESPN has him as a 4-star.  He chose us over Clemson.  Which is reasonable, since their coach is named Dabo.