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SBN College On The Sugar Bowl And The "Michigan Man"

Around SB Nation's college blogs today:

  • Feeling a little more alive today than most mornings, Along the Olentangy notes that the Buckeyes' 2nd and 10 blitz call resulting in a Ryan Mallett interception to effectively end last night's Sugar Bowl was the same one the Buckeyes used against Miami earlier this season and against Texas two seasons ago.
  • Maize n Brew takes a long, hard look at the resume of the latest candidate for the possibly open head coaching vacancy at Michigan and finds Brady Hoke's track record "less than impressive" and "full of shocking scenes of futility and defeat on the gridiron." The blog implores the Michigan AD to dial down the "Michigan Man" requirement:
    This is [ ] a justified appeal that the "Michigan Man!" filter be shut off completely.  It should not be applied as the first and primary selection criteria to the exclusion of all others that might be both viable and available to Michigan football for 2011. Other candidates may be far better options for the Wolverines over the longer term. Choosing dilapidated, refurbished, versions of what was familial and/or familiar can have negative consequences too.   Insisting on "Made at Michigan" can be short-sighted. David Brandon must choose wisely and hire the very best coach available.