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Les Miles, meet Shooter McGavin

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And I cannot turn away.


via, of course, LSUFreek at And The Valley Shook

There's so much we can do with this.  Caption contest?  Sure.

Even after reading ATVS, I don't fully understand the context here, and I'm not sure that I care.  EDSBS has what I hope is simply the Tennessee Week Edition, and perhaps we can dress him up as something different each week based on opponent.

But I prefer the real thing, because I swear to you I stared at this thing for like three minutes on ATVS before believing it was undoctored.  I thought it might've been the demo for the PS4's new ultra-life-like graphics engine or something, because surely Les Miles didn't really do that in his weekly press conference.

But he did, because he's Les Miles.

This is one of many reasons the fact that he's 3-1 against Tennessee when he should be 0-4 keeps me up at night.