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RTT Pick 'Em - Week 7 Trends

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Here's your weekly reminder to lock in your picks in our Rocky Top Talk 2011 group over at Fun Office Pools.  Weekly winners receive $10 gift cards to Gameday Depot, and the chase continues in our year-long battle for supremacy.  Last week Lucky Guess - obvious joke - lived up to his name by recording the year's first 20-0 week.  With a few more matchups that find our community divided this week, that number will be harder to come by.

Here's how our community feels about this week's games as of Wednesday night:


  • In the main event tonight, a surprising - at least to me - 74% like Lane Kiffin on the road in Berkeley against the Cal Bears.  On the undercard, 77% like Air Force at home over San Diego State.
  • For Saturday, we've got a number of close matchups.  68% like Texas A&M at home against Baylor.  Kansas State now has the support of the people, with 58% taking the Wildcats on the road in Lubbock.  63% also like Michigan on the road at Michigan State.
  • In the SEC, the closest call is Auburn at 77% over Florida.  91% like LSU over Tennessee; our community clearly plays to win.  86% take South Carolina in Starkville, 98% take Georgia in Nashville.  And we've got a new leader for most confident pick of the year:  98% like Alabama on the road at Ole Miss, currently at an average of 19.2 confidence points.  One person has picked the Rebels.  That individual pushed it to the limit, going all in for 20 confidence points, which means desperation has come to the picks early this year.