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RTT Pick 'Em - Week 8 Trends

Here's your weekly reminder to lock in your picks in our Rocky Top Talk 2011 group over at Fun Office Pools.  Weekly winners receive a $10 gift card to Gameday Depot.

Here's how our community is leaning in this week's matchups:

  • In tonight's stellar matchup, 56% like UCLA at 1-5 Arizona.
  • Maybe it's because of what we saw in person last week, but a stunning 99% like LSU over Auburn at an average of 16.0 confidence points.
  • 62% are still on board with Cincinnati on the road at South Florida.  The better they look, the better we look.
  • In other close matchups, 73% like Georgia Tech at Miami, 76% like Notre Dame at home over Lane Kiffin, 70% like Miss over Methodist, and 76% like Cal at home over Utah.
  • We're all still riding the undefeated teams atop the polls, who all have interesting matchups this week:  98% like Boise State over Air Force, 94% like Clemson over UNC, 96% like Oklahoma State at Missouri, 99% like Oklahoma over Texas Tech, 95% like Stanford over Washington, plus the aforementioned 99% that like LSU over Auburn.  The closest projected call is Wisconsin, with 85% support at Michigan State.
  • And then there's us.  90% like Alabama.  10% are awesome.