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RTT Pick 'Em - Week 9 Trends

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Here is, once again, your weekly reminder to lock in your picks in our Rocky Top Talk 2011 group over at Fun Office Pools.  Weekly winners receive a $10 gift card to Gameday Depot.  In case you keep reading these and thinking, "How does it work?", we pick twenty games every week and assign confidence points 1-20 based on our confidence in the outcome.

As we head toward November, last year's champ Grayhound is back on top of the leaderboard with 1,393 confidence points and 120-40 straight up overall.  Our favorite entry name - nc2316 - is actually way ahead in overall record at 126-34, but is in 9th place overall with confidence points at 1,363.

Here's how our community feels about this week's matchups:

  • Thursday Thursday Thursday!  This week the other Virginia school tries to move in on VT's midweek action, traveling to Coral Gables, where 94% like Miami.  We've still got two more weeks (with apologies to Florida State at Boston College next week) before the Thursday night game really matters again, when Virginia Tech travels to Georgia Tech on November 10.
  • On Friday Friday Friday, 91% like TCU at home against BYU.  Could be the last time we see these two together for awhile...
  • Speaking of, the Yellow Jackets are in a semi-crowded group of uncertainty this week:  78% like Clemson in Atlanta against GT.  70% like Georgia in the Cocktail Party, which means I am required to point out that Florida has won three straight, five of six, eleven of thirteen, and eighteen of the last twenty-one matchups.  And you thought we had it bad against the Gators.  On the other hand, doesn't a Georgia win make us look better?
  • In other close calls:  toughest call of the week is in Lincoln, where 53% like Nebraska against Michigan State in the aftermath of the hail mary.  Next closest:  the Vols, getting 55% against South Carolina at only an average of 5.9 confidence points.  That's even worse when you add in the fact that a nameless author on this fine site may or may not have put 20 points on them.
  • Biggest current trend:  97% take Arkansas at Vandy, 97% take Oklahoma State at home over Baylor, 97% take A&M over Missouri in an SEC preview, and yep, you guessed it, 97% take Notre Dame over Navy.
  • Looking to make a big move in the standings?  100% currently have both Auburn over Ole Miss and Michigan over Purdue.  Good luck.