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Tennessee-Buffalo Post-Game Awards

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I was unfortunately distracted through much of the Tennessee-Buffalo game and wasn't able to catch the replay yet, so I'm going to need help from y'all on this week's Post-Game Awards. Here's what I do know, though:

Best Where Have You Been All My Life. Devrin Young, who almost single-handedly redeemed years of futility on special teams by returning his first punt 43 yards. 43 YARDS! It was like seeing Bigfoot riding Nessie to Mars, and it was B.A.U-TEE-FULL!

Best Reminder Not to Get Too Carried Away. Yeah, Young (who also happens to be lower case young) muffed or fumbled or something or other a punt later. I don't remember which, because honestly all of those things run together now. Sigh.

Best Block. The announcers said it was Zach Rogers who destroyed not one but two defenders with a single block on a huge passing play from Bray to Da'Rick Rogers. That was fun.

Best Throw, I. Tyler Bray's corner throw to Da'Rick Rogers for a TD. Perfect.

Best Throw, II. Bray's throw to Mychal Rivera, which would have been for a TD, but wasn't actually caught. Technicalities.

Best All-Around Performance. Um, Tie! Tyler Bray and Da'Rick Rogers. Bray went 21-30 for 342 yards, 4 TDs, and no interceptions. Receivers not dropping balls would have made this even more impressive. And Rogers had seven catches for 180 yards and two TDs.

Best Balance, Yes Balance! Tennessee had seven guys show up in the rushing stat box. Sure, one of those was from the punter on a blocked punt, and Matt Simms also had a kneel down that wasn't counted, but boy it feels good to get everybody the ball. Oh, and not to be outdone, eight different players caught balls.

Most Uncomfortable Play. Any field goal. It feels a lot like playing that game with the marble and the tilting labyrinth. Except you've lost the ball and you've substituted a pachniko ball that has etchings on it and grooves and therefore it STICKS TO THE BOARD when you don't WANT IT TO AND DOESN'T DO WHAT YOU WANT IT TO. Deep breath. IT MAKES ME NERVOUS. Okay? Okay.

Best Impromptu Entertainment. On a play blown dead, Tyler Bray decided just to wing it to see if he could make a field goal with his arm. He did, and he so signaled. Hmm. Somebody go parse the field goal rule to see if it actually requires using a foot.